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About Us

Salon closing Januaray 2023.

After 15 years of a beautiful space with wonderful people, MAIDA salon will be closing its doors.  We are very grateful for the time we have had in Little Italy and the relationships we have made throughout the years. It’s bittersweet to leave such a gorgeous salon behind, but excited to think of our next chapter in life.  We are looking forward to spending more mental and physical time with family and friends. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is definitely put priorities in their place. We want to thank everyone who has stepped foot in our salon and supported us and our stylists throughout the years.  We also want to thank the stylists we have worked with us.  We have had a pleasure getting to know each of their families and supporting their journeys.  We feel happy for every memory made.

Farah will continue to do hair and work behind the chair and help people with greyblending which is something she loves. Please follow her on Instagram @greyblending  

Matt will continue to teach and focus his attention there.  We’ll both be able to be more available for the kids who are now 14 and 10 years old.  Thank you again!!  We feel honored to have been in business as long as we were.

Since 2007 we have been a family owned salon. 

We are proud to say that our booth renters are like family as well. 

Our salon is a low profile relaxing space with no ego or competitive nature.  Although we are an independent collective where each stylist works for themselves, we all support one another and respect the space. 
We hope you enjoy our space at MAIDA.

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